NEOS Wall System & Fascia

Exclusive to NEOS Automotive

The NEOS Wall System forms the foundation of a structure designed to create a productive and ergonomic space suited to the individual technician’s needs while achieving a uniform look in the Service Area. All elements of NEOS integrate with the Wall System, allowing the flexibility to interchange components at any time.

The NEOS Wall System is ideal for concealing unsightly obstructions such as structural columns, vent stacks or service drops while providing easy access to valves or switches.  Panels are removable and can be replaced with any number of modules, such as a computer screen, in-wall storage devices, service controls, fluid dispenser, fire extinguisher, first aid kit or eyewash station and many more.

The result, NEOS creates a clean, polished and professional finish.


Good Lighting is Essential

so NEOS brought it to your bench top with Fascia

The NEOS Fascia provides a finishing accent to the NEOS system. Fascia can be installed as a stand-alone, or in a continuous formation, with or without the wall system. Fascia incorporates lighting to illuminate work surfaces and task areas, and can be retrofitted to integrate existing lighting.



Finishing Kits for odd spaces

We all have odd spaces

These kits give the NEOS system the flexibility to integrate various obstructions, such as doors and windows into a seamless wall-to-wall presentation.