Good Image Is Good Business: Key Considerations for Remodeling Your Auto Dealership

To stay ahead of the competition, automotive dealerships must keep up with shifting technology and new innovations. With the internet now providing consumers easy access to countless choices and the ability to compare services and rates at the touch of a button, the automotive sales market has been effectively revolutionized.

Although there’s still value in the traditional brick-and-mortar dealership showroom, now is the time to consider areas for improvement.

Today, many customers come into auto dealerships having already done research online. They want in and out. Every part of your showroom, then, needs to be comfortable clean and functional — and this includes your service area. A clean workspace design enhances overall business productivity and can seriously boost consumer satisfaction, positioning your company as a cutting-edge leader in the field.

So what steps can your dealership take to keep up with the Joneses? A simple service area redesign can be just the trick.

Service Area Redesign Capabilities

NEOSauto dealership redesign countertop has years of experience designing shop furniture and workspace layouts for automotive dealerships. Our team can provide tailored solutions for wall systems, benches, alignment bays, automotive cabinet systems, and lights. We’ll work to create efficient, ergonomic tech benches with clean, intuitive design.

At NEOS, we put our clients in the driver’s seat, making them an integral part of the design process. And since we can customize all aspects of service area designs, customers can capitalize on their investment for years to come.

Service Area Customization Options

All NEOS systems are scalable, adaptable, and reconfigurable. We also offer a range of different color options. In addition to standard colors, powder-coated, textured finishes can be custom matched to any color scheme. This allows dealerships to have their own distinctive styling or align with corporate branding.

Maneuvering around clunky shop furniture and overcrowded workspaces is bad for productivity, and it’s bad for business. If you’re working in a confined or cluttered area, our team can provide unique finishing kits to meet your facility’s needs.

This gives us the flexibility to integrate various items, such as doors and windows, into a seamless, wall-to-wall design. Or, if you’re working with a large workspace, a cleaner design can create an impression of sophistication and exclusivity.

NEOS Wall System and Fascia

automotive dealership redesign

The proprietary NEOS Wall System and Fascia, used to form the foundation of a workspace structure, allows for optimal work efficiency. With these systems, components can be interchanged at any time to meet shifting technician needs.

The Wall System and Fascia is ideal for concealing unsightly obstructions, such as vent stacks or service drops, while still providing easy access to valves and switches. Plus, all panels are removable, allowing for replacement with a range of modules, including computer screens and safety systems.

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As technology evolves, so must your automotive service area. Whether you require a specialized redesign or are seeking corporate uniformity, our team can modernize your space to your exact specifications.

Ready to spring your showroom into the future? Request a quote today to discuss your options with an expert.