Automotive Workstations

Automotive technicians handle hundreds of unique parts every day. Managing tires, oil, exhaust components, filters, and tools requires an orderly, logical workflow, and auto shops depend on clean workspaces to ensure quick turnarounds and prompt customer service.

Optimizing Automotive Workstations

Smart workstation designs streamline service before a project even begins, offering:

  • Clean organization and clutter prevention
  • Efficient waste disposal and elimination of debris
  • Improved security for high-value tools and components
  • Fast, easy access to tools and equipment
  • Superior ergonomics that eliminate the need for constant bending, climbing, and reaching
  • Optimized management of available space, below and above the bench
  • Enhanced lighting and a more comfortable atmosphere

Unorganized workspaces result in more than just overcrowding and clutter; slow service, inaccurate, and dissatisfied employees or customers are common issues.

Auto Workstation from NEOS

NEOS systems, available in a full range of modular panel options, integrate storage, toolboxes, optimized lighting, and other standard or custom features, including:

  • IT resources, computer systems, and display screens
  • Custom storage configurations to accommodate tools and parts
  • Service controls
  • Fire extinguishers, safety equipment, and first-aid amenities
  • Fluid management and reel modules
  • Personal lockers

Our benches can suit any service bay, specialty area, or detailing station, and offer a long list of available enhancements. NEOS Wall Systems conceal unsightly obstructions such as vent stacks and service drops while allowing easy access to valves and switches, and NEOS Fascia provides a sophisticated finishing element, incorporating lighting to illuminate work surfaces. Fascia can also be retrofitted to integrate existing lighting setups.

To allow for changing spatial needs, NEOS systems are designed to grow with your business. Custom colors, finishing kits, and brand-integration options enhance the dealership experience, providing a polished, professional look.

Working with NEOS

Whether you need a single specialized station or a complete shop renovation, our team has a solution available to accommodate your needs.

To learn more about NEOS shop furniture and workstation solutions, request a consultation.