Automotive Storage Solutions

Smart design and efficient use of shop floors streamline work while creating a modern, clean appearance. To ensure efficiency and provide a positive consumer experience, automotive shops must keep workspaces organized.

Storage Solutions for Efficient Service

Customers expect speed and accuracy from auto service shops. Well-integrated cabinet storage and wall systems support smooth operations as technicians can easily locate what they need when they need it. Well-stocked parts, accurate inventories, and optimized workstations all begin with effective storage.

Automotive organization presents a unique challenge; the shapes and sizes of automotive components vary dramatically, from tires and windscreens to light bulbs and gaskets. An oil change, a tire replacement, and an engine repair all require different parts, tools, and space.

Designed to optimize organization of alignment bays, NEOS custom storage and bench solutions considers all of these varying factors.

Automotive Storage Solutions From NEOS

NEOS auto shop furniture is customizable and can be configured to meet specific facility needs. Our storage systems fit seamlessly into existing task areas or can be built from the ground up.

NEOS cabinets, continuous benches, wall systems, and fascia integrated lighting optimize shop layouts and eliminate clutter, ensuring a productive, professional work environment.

Our auto storage solutions offer:

  • Custom configurations optimized for parts, tools, and reels
  • Display screens and IT resources
  • Service controls
  • Fluid management
  • First-aid and eyewash stations
  • Fire extinguishers and safety equipment
  • Personal storage spaces

NEOS Wall Systems conceal vent stacks, service drops, structural columns, and other obstructions without compromising access to essential valves and switches. NEOS Fascia provides a finishing element, and can be installed as a stand-alone or continuous unit, with or without the wall system.

Our team also handles personal branding initiatives; we can work with required colors, sizing, and design to create a look that is consistent with dealership branding.

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