Automotive Storage Cabinets

To ensure smooth operations and a positive consumer experience, it is important that auto shops and dealerships maintain an orderly, logical workflow.

Intuitive, reliable organizational solutions allow for easy management of vast parts inventories and delivery of expedited service. Automotive dealership parts departments manage thousands of tools and components, all of which must be easily accessible to employees. A disorderly shop often leads to overcrowding and forces workers to contend with clutter. This can result in inaccurate inventories, unexpected stockouts, and customer dissatisfaction.

To address these risks, NEOS custom storage solutions help your team stay organized and efficient.

Benefits of Auto Shop Storage Cabinets

Service area storage solutions help workers keep track of critical parts and enhance workspace aesthetics, allowing for:

  • More useable floor space
  • Faster workflow and speedier service
  • Simpler, more accurate inventory management
  • Enhanced workplace efficiency
  • Lower inventory costs

NEOS Cabinet Solutions

NEOS cabinet and bench storage solutions are available in various configurations to suit specific facility needs.

  • The Essential Bench: 6-foot, single-bay configuration allows for small-scale organizing of service bays, detailing areas, and specialty stations.
  • The Essential IT Bench: 6-foot, single-bay configuration — also designed for service bays, detailing areas, and specialty stations — includes two 110 V outlet plugs, a mobile IT cart, an IT monitor module, a 48-inch toolbox, and a keyboard/laptop module.
  • The Standard Bench: 11-foot, single-bay configuration includes a full wall system, a cart, a keyboard/laptop module, and cabinets. This model includes a 60-inch toolbox.
  • The Complete Bench: 22-foot, full-service configuration is a double-bay setup that includes LED lighting/fascia, a keyboard/laptop module, a monitor module, in-wall storage, and a cart. This bench is available with a sleek stainless steel top.
  • The Complete Bench Plus: 15-foot, single-bay configuration offers all of the features listed above, as well as a sink and oil caddy.
  • The Complete Double Bench Plus: 22-foot, double-bay, full-wall configuration offers all of the features of the standard Complete Bench with the added benefit of a “Continuous Bench” design.
  • The Double Reel Bench: is designed for fluid and lubricant service. This 19-foot, 6-inch double-bay configuration features Reel Specialty Cabinets, a partial wall system, a monitor module, a keyboard/laptop module, and in-wall storage. Stainless steel tops are available.